Louis Smets

Dutch, (act. 1852-1896)
A Winterís Day
Oil on canvas, signed

This winter landscape painting by Louis Smets is of figures skating on frozen river next to a town. The architecture suggests the location could be Belgium where the artist is known to have visited.

Louis Smets or Smits was a Dutch painter who was probably born in the Netherlands sometime during the 1830ís. However, some sources suggest he also had strong connections to Antwerp in Belgium. He became popular for his animated winter landscapes, often featuring figures near frozen lakes and waterways. Many of his works include the distinctive rural Dutch farmhouses and buildings of the time.

Although little is known about his life, his work demonstrates his artistic ability and it is highly likely he was tutored by a painting master. He took his influences from Dutch artists such as Nicholas Johannes Roosenboom (1805-1880) and Frederick Marinus Kreuseman (1816-1882).

Smets was known to work around the Polder area of Holland as well as Belgium. He was active from around 1852 until 1896, which was probably around the time of his death.

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Presentation The painting is housed in a new, English made gilt frame which is in excellent condition.
Condition As with all of our original antique oil paintings, this work is offered in ready to hang gallery condition, having been professionally cleaned, restored and revarnished.
Image size 23.5 inches x 32.5 inches (60cm x 82.5cm)
Framed Size 30.5 inches x 39.5 inches (77.5cm x 100.5cm)