Jean Pierre Haag

French, (1842-1921)
The Students’ Recital
Oil on canvas, signed & dated 1891

A charming genre painting of children performing at a recital by Jean Pierre Haag. Whilst the older children listen to the music, a young girl hides behind a bench eating berries.

Jean Pierre Haag was born in Elbeuf in the Seine-Maritime area of Normandy, on 5 November, 1842, the son of Jean Haag and Geneviève Maloizel. He studied art in Paris and began exhibiting from around 1870 with genre scenes. He also joined the Ecouen artist colony situated in the northern suburbs of the city, living at 29 rue de Paris. There he became a pupil of Pierre Édouard Frère (1819-1886) whose influence can be seen in Haag’s work and Léon Dansaert (1830-1909).

He married Ernestine Juliette Confais on 8 February, 1872 and together they had several children. Their son Guston Paul Haag (1877-1931) also became an artist. Haag made his debut at the Paris Salon in 1879 and continued exhibiting there over the years. As well as residing in Ecouen, he also kept a house in Normandy where he often spent time. He became known for his humorous depictions of the life of everyday folk, usually set in their homes. Many of his works feature children and it is likely he would have used his own family as models.

He was interested in the history of Ecouen and collected a number of historical documents about the area. He died at Ecouen on 5 March, 1921. An example of his work can be found at the Louviers museum in Normandy.

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