Francis Moltino

Italian, (1818-1888)
The Grand Canal towards the Punta della Dogana, Venice
Oil on canvas

A captivating painting by Francis Moltino of the Grand Canal in Venice. Moltino has chosen to depict one of the most iconic views of the Grand Canal looking towards the Punta della Dogana and the Santa Maria Della Salute with its distinctive rotunda.

Francis or Frank Moltino was a marine painter born in Milan, Italy around 1818. By the early 1840's, he had moved to England where he married and had several children. One of his daughters, Frances Moltino, also became an artist.

The family initially lived in the Tower Hamlet area of London before moving to 5 Little Russell Street, from where he began exhibiting at the Royal Academy in 1848. Works at the RA include ‘Early Morning – Waiting for the Tide’, ‘View of the Thames’, ‘Battersea Old Mill’, and ‘Morning on Burgh Flats’.

Moltino’s works have a continental feel and with his brushwork and pastel coloured palette, his style is often compared with Turner. Many of his subjects featured busy river and harbour views. As well as painting views of the Thames he also travelled around the coast of England. Later on, he visited Venice and produced a number of works of the famous city. He returned to England by 1880, where he lived at 13 Rush Hill Terrace, Lavender Hill, Battersea. He died at 31 Fitzwilliam-road, Clapham on 15 April 1888.

Examples of his paintings can be found at the Guildhall Art Gallery and the Cooper Gallery, Barnsley.

Presentation The work is housed in a new, English made gilt frame which is in excellent condition.
Condition As with all of our original antique oil paintings, this work is offered in ready to hang gallery condition, having been professionally cleaned, restored and revarnished.
Image Size 29.5 inches x 49.5 inches (75cm x 126cm)
Framed Size 38.75 inches x 58.75 inches (98.5cm x 149.5cm)