Grand Tour Bronze

Italian, (19th Century)
Silenus Wrestling a Serpent
Bronze, stamped with foundry mark for Sommer of Naples, C1880

A fine quality Neopolitan Grand Tour bronze of Silenus wrestling a serpent, with a removable bronze bowl aloft.

In Greek mythology, Silenus was companion and teacher to Dionysus the god of wine. Like many of the Dionysian entourage he frequently drank wine and was described as the wisest, oldest and most drunken of his followers. When intoxicated he was said to possess the power of prophecy.

Snakes represented wisdom and eternal life to the ancient Greeks. Here Silenus has a firm grasp of the serpent alluding to his strong command of wisdom. This particular sculpture was modelled on the ancient classic sculpture found at Pompeii.

Height 26.25 inches (67cm)
Width 9.75 inches (25cm)
Depth 9.75 inches (25cm)