Grand Tour Bronze

Menelaus, King of Sparta
French, (19th Century)
Bronze, stamped with foundry mark for Siot-Decauville, C1890

A fine quality French patinated 19th century Grand Tour bronze bust of Menelaus supported on a gilt bronze base. In Greek mythology, Menelaus was King of Sparta and was the brother of Agamemnon. He married Helen of Troy and according to the Iliad, Menelaus started the Trojan War after Paris ran off with Helen to Troy. He famously launched a thousand ships to try and secure her return and hid inside a Trojan Horse with his elite force which he used to sack Troy.

This particular sculpture was modelled on the classic marble now in the Vatican.

Height 11 inches (28cm)
Width 5.5 inches (14cm)
Depth 4.25 inches (11cm)