Charles Marchand

Rialto Bridge, Venice
Austrian, (1843-1905)
Oil on canvas, signed & dated 1880

Charles Marchand was the pseudonym of Karl Kaufmann, who was born in Neuplachowitz, Austria in 1843. He studied at the Vienna Academy of Art and after completing his education travelled throughout Europe to paint scenes in Germany, Italy, Norway and the Netherlands. He began to specialise in landscapes, architectural and marine paintings and developed a feeling for atmosphere in his works. He also visited Venice and Istanbul on a number of occasions and produced a series of Venetian and Oriental scenes for which he has become best known.

Another remarkable feature of his paintings is that he often signed his work with a pseudonym including: ‘Henri Carnier’, 'C. Charpentier‘, ‘B. Lambert', 'Charles Marchand', ‘Theodore Walter’ and many more. Kaufmann died in Vienna on 27 April, 1905.

Examples of his works can be found in public collections including the Russell-Coates Museum and Historic Waco Foundation, Texas.

The painting is housed in its original period gilt frame which is in excellent condition.