Alfred de Breanski Snr

Sunrise Windemere Lake
British, (1852-1928)
Oil on canvas, signed

Alfred de Breanski was a landscape painter who was born in London, the eldest son of Leopold Breanski. His brother Gustave and his sister Julie were also talented artists. He made his debut at the Royal Academy in 1872, exhibiting there until 1918. He also exhibited at the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, Society of British Artists and the Royal Cambrian Academy. In 1873, He married the Welsh artist Annie Roberts, with whom he had seven children. Two of his sons, Alfred Fontville and Arthur also became artists.

Although Breanski lived most of his life in the Greenwich and Lewisham area of London, he travelled around the country painting dramatic views, particularly of the Scottish Highlands and Wales as well as the Thames valley. He is regarded as one of England’s most accomplished landscape painters and many examples of his paintings can be found in museums and galleries including the Laing Gallery and Southampton Art Gallery.

The painting is housed in a new, English made gilt frame which is in excellent condition.