James Stephenson Craig

The Sword Dance
British, (b.1830 fl. 1854-1870)
Oil on canvas, signed & dated 1867

James Stephenson Craig was a genre painter of figures and domestic subjects who was born in Scotland in 1830. He lived in London and is recorded as living in St Pancras in 1871 with his wife Ann and their two children, Kate and Robert. He exhibited at the Royal Academy, British Institution and Suffolk Street and was a member of the Royal Society of British Artists. Works exhibited include ‘The Young Anglers’ and ‘The Gamekeeper’s House’.

Craig’s figures are always beautifully observed set against their native backdrop or cottage interior and are painted with a great charm and vitality. Some of his works included hints of his Scottish heritage such as this wonderful example.

The painting is housed in new, English made gilt frame which is in excellent condition.