George Gregory

Shipping on the Medway
British, (1849-1938)
Oil on canvas, signed & dated 1875

George Gregory was born in Cowes, on the Isle of Wight in 1849. He was the son of Charles Gregory (1810-1896) a marine and yacht painter from whom he inherited his talent and love of seascapes. It is highly likely that he was taught by his father as his work bears his influence. The Isle of Wight was known then as it is now, as the yachting capital of Great Britain and Gregory was able to study the sea and the numerous types of vessels very closely. His knowledge of the moods of the sea is reflected in the accuracy of his work and his ability to capture the movement of the ships upon the waves. He spent his time visiting the south coast of England including areas such as Portsmouth, Southampton painting views of the ships on the Solent as well as Rochester and the Medway .

Although he lived for most of his life on the Isle of Wight he is known to have travelled abroad occasionally. He is also believed to have taught Queen Victoria’s children for a short time while they were staying at Osborne House. Gregory died in the Isle of Wight in 1938.
In 1954 a retrospective exhibition was held of his work at Northwood House in Cowes. A number of his works can be found in galleries and museums including the Brighton & Hove Art Gallery, Isle of Wight Museum, Kirklees Museum and the Portsmouth Museum.

The painting is housed in a new, English made gilt frame which is in excellent condition.