Ignazio Spiridon

Interesting News
Italian, (1860-1900)
Oil on panel, signed

Ignazio or Ignace Spiridon was a portrait and genre painter born in Rome. He lived and worked in Paris where he kept a studio and spent his time painting genre scenes and portraits including those of society figures. One of his sitters was Mark Twain who later wrote of him “…he made the best portrait that ever was…I never saw such a man to handle oils and skirmish with a brush...”.

He exhibited at collective events including Universal Expositions of 1889 and 1900, where he received an honourable mention. He is also listed as exhibiting at the London International Exhibition. He was friends with the artists Boldini, Meissonier and Olivetti and was secretary general of the Fine Arts Society of Nice. As well as producing works, Spiridon also taught art. He died in Nice in 1900. His self -portrait can be found at the Polo Museum, Florence.

The work is housed in a new, English made frame which is in excellent condition.