Anthonie Balthasar Stroebel

The Auction
Dutch, (1821-1905)
Oil on canvas, signed

Stroebel was a genre and interior painter who was born in The Hague, Holland in 1821. He studied at the Hague Academy of Art under Bartholomeus Johannes van Hove (1790-1880) and his son Hubertus (Huib) van Hove (18141865). Whilst at the Academy, he won a number of accolades including two medals. As a pupil of Huib he spent time at the palace of William II studying and drawing the interiors. He also collaborated with him on some of his paintings. He became a member of the Pulchri Studio in The Hague and Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam and later taught Jacob Hendrikus Maris (1837-1899).

He was greatly influenced by Pieter de Hooch and like his teacher Huib, produced a style of work that was distinguished for his doorkijkjes, or domestic vistas with an Old Master feel. He died in Leiden in 1905. A portrait of him by Pieter de Josselin de Jong hangs in the Rijksmuseum, Holland. Examples of his works are held by the National Trust, Teylers Museum, Holland, Ulster Museum and the Witt Collection.

The painting is housed in a new English made gilt frame which is in excellent condition.

Image Size 44.75 inches x 36.75 inches (113.7cm x 93cm)
Framed Size 53.75 inches x 45.75 inches (137cm x 116cm)