Henry H Parker

Streatley, Berks
British, (1858-1930)
Oil on canvas, signed
Provenance: John H Paris, Liverpool

Henry Parker was born in the St Pancras area of London to and was christened Henry Deacon Hillier (or Hillyer) Parker. His parents were Thomas, a draughtsman and lithographer and Lucy. The family lived in Gillies Street, St Pancras.

He studied at the St Martin’s School of Art and initially started his working life as an Illustrator for the Illustrated London News. However, by the age of 23 he had become a full time landscape painter. He married Charlotte Eliza Wilson in June 1888 and together they had four children. He spent most of his adult life living in Tottenham. He died in London on 12 June 1930.

Parker specialised in rustic views of the South East of England, in Surrey, Sussex and Kent as well as views of the Thames. He also spent time in Worcestershire and Wales painting the landscapes he saw there. As well as signing his paintings Henry H Parker, he also painted under the pseudonyms of H D Hillier and possibly HD Hillyer. In addition to being known as Henry Hillier Parker, he is also sometimes referred to as Henry Hillingford Parker.

His style, with its quick and impressionistic brush strokes has often been compared to B. W. Leader. Like many of his contemporaries, he concentrated on painting "pure" landscapes, a genre that he mastered early in his career. His landscapes are lush and tranquil, frequently featuring figures in a cornfield, on a boat or walking down a country path. The scenes are often sunny and bright and the waters are calm and soothing.

Parker is one of the few top calibre artists who does not appear to have exhibited in England, although his works appear frequently on the market and are as popular today as they were in his lifetime. Examples of his work are held by the Hartlepool Museum, Haworth Art Gallery, Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, University of Oxford and the Williamson Art Gallery. A number of Museums and art galleries across the world also have his paintings on display including St. James’s Museum, Montreal, Auckland Museum and the Melbourne Gallery.

The painting is housed in its original gilt frame which is in excellent condition.

Image Size 15.5 inches x 26 inches (39cm x 66cm)
Framed Size 26 inches x 36.5 inches (66cm x 93cm)