James Meadows Snr

Shipping off Shakespeare Cliff, Dover
British, (1788-1864)
Oil on canvas, signed & dated 1860

James Meadows was born in 1788 in Dublin, the son of William Meadows, a British actor and tenor singer. He was the father of James Edwin Meadows (1828-1888) and Arthur Joseph Meadows (1843-1907) who became successful painters. His other sons, Edwin Lewis and Alfred John and William Meadows were also talented artists. Meadows moved back to England when he was young and later became an officer on a ship. He also lived in Calcutta for a few years working as an actor. Upon his return he settled in Bow and worked as scenery painter for the London theatres and also taught art. He exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1855 and also at other prominent galleries such as the British Institute and Suffolk Street. He specialised in marine scenes with ships and fishing boats often in stormy or choppy seas. He spent most of his time travelling around the South Coast of England but also travelled to Brittany to paint the coastal views there. He died on 5 May 1863 at Bow, London. Examples of his paintings can be found in a number of public collections including the Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool and the Government Art Collection.

The work is housed in a new, English made frame which is in excellent condition.

Provenance: Mandell’s Gallery, Norwich