Harold Clayton

Flowers in a Bronze Vase
British (1896-1979)
Oil on canvas, signed

Harold Clayton was a still life painter who was born in London in 1896. He came from an artistic family where his talent was quickly recognised and at an early age he was sent to art school in Hackney. After graduating with distinction, he went to Harrow Art School and then on to Hornsey College to study graphic design and commercial art. From there he continued his education at St Martin’s School of Art where he studied under the Art Master Norman Jones, a move which had a great effect on him and led to his exhibiting at the Royal Academy. It is primarily through his pictures of still life flowers that he has become famous although interestingly the output of this subject matter was relatively small. With approximately one painting produced every month this accounts for the quality and rarity of his still life paintings.

The painting is housed in a new, English made gilt frame which is in excellent condition.

Provenance: Stacy-Marks